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Ways to pay

Due to the ongoing IT system issues caused by a cyber security incident we have made some changes in the ways you can make a payment.

Paying your rent or service charges

It is important that you please continue to make your rent payments, including any charges you are responsible for, such as service charges. 

If you usually make payments through:

  • Your Clarion online account
  • PayPoint (using your Allpay card)
  • Standing order
  • Bank transfer
  • Allpay Direct Debit

There are no changes to these services, they are safe and secure. Please continue to pay this way as usual.


Checking if your Direct debit is a Clarion Direct debit

If you are not sure whether your Direct Debit is collected by Allpay or Clarion, you can refer to your rent statements. Allpay Direct Debit will be referenced as ‘Allpay’ and Clarion Direct Debit is referenced as ‘CustPayment Direct Debit.’

If you pay by Allpay Direct Debit, your rent will have been collected on the date it was supposed to be and you do not need to do anything.


Pay using your Clarion online account

If you have a Clarion online account you can continue to make payments through your online account.

It is safe and secure to do this, simply log in and follow the make a payment video instructions supplied here.

Make a payment

Pay by standing order

Standing orders are automatic payments similar to direct debits, but your bank is responsible for sending your rent to our account.

To set up a standing order, you need to contact your bank and give them our bank account details. To get our bank account details, please contact us through live chat.

Other ways to pay

You can also make payments online, by phone, or at PayPoint locations. These methods are flexible, but mean you have to remember when your payments are due and need to repeat the full payment process each time – unlike direct debit which looks after your payments automatically.


Can't see your query?

Chat with us online

Our Virtual Assistant is here to help answer your questions 24/7. Our Live Chat service can put you in touch with one of our trained advisors during our opening hours.


0300 500 8000

Our phone lines are open from 08:30-17:00 Monday to Friday (10:00-17:00 on Wednesdays).