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Tenant Satisfaction Measures

What are Tenant Satisfaction Measures?

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) are standards set by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH), and they aim to understand how well housing providers are meeting the needs of their tenants. These measures are part of a new system designed to help make landlords' performance more visible to tenants. It will also mean they can hold their landlords accountable.

The TSM standard requires landlords to collect, process, and publish necessary information consistently. This means the regulator can compare each landlords’ performance effectively.

Ultimately, the aim is to make sure landlords are providing quality homes and services for everyone.

The key areas covered by the TSMs are:

  • Property repairs
  • Building safety
  • Complaints handling
  • Tenant engagement
  • Neighbourhood management

For more information and the full list of TSMs, please visit the Regulator of Social Housing website.

Why these measures matter

These measures help us understand how happy you are with different parts of our service and show us where we can improve. They let you see how well we're doing in each area and ensure we maintain high standards.

How do we gather data?

For the TSMs, we gather data through a combination of two methods:

  • Perception surveys: Collected directly from a random sample of tenants, these give insights into their experiences and opinions.
  • Management data: Gathered from our landlord records, these give clear data on property management and safety.

We are also adding follow-up questions on repairs, complaints, and anti-social behaviour to get a better understanding on your opinions.

In addition to the TSMs we run a wide range of surveys, which gather your views on all kinds of services we provide. Some surveys check how well we handled the specific services you have requested, like repairs, contact centre calls, or shared ownership purchases. They are done shortly after the event, usually within weeks, to provide quick feedback.

We also run our annual survey ‘The Clarion Index’, which helps us to understand your lives better. We want to hear about your experiences and how you feel about your community.

Read our latest index report.

When and where we publish our results

We believe in transparency and accountability. Our TSM results will be published annually on this page, allowing you to see our performance and the steps we are taking to improve. 

We also plan to publish our TSM scores in this year’s ‘Residents' annual report’ which will be published in the Autumn. Check out our latest performance below.

In addition to the TSMs, we will continue to publish our performance regularly through a number of ongoing initiatives and reports:

Our TSM performance


Social rent

Shared Ownership

Our commitment and next steps

We are committed to tenant satisfaction and continuous improvement. We welcome the TSMs and are already working to improve the services that are most important to you. Through a major transformation programme, we’re also looking into more efficient ways to better serve our communities.

Please continue to check this page for the latest information, along with more information on our planned improvements.