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Ambassador programme

Our award winning ambassador programmes have three central aims:

  • To provide opportunities for our young residents. 
  • To give young people a genuine voice within our organisation.
  • To improve the perceptions of young people in our communities.
Our ambassador programme is formed of two parts, national and community ambassadors:

National ambassadors 

Our national ambassadors program is made up of a team of 18 - 25 year old residents who have been selected to help us improve our services. Our National Ambassadors provide a bridge between our young residents and the people who make decisions at Clarion. They are the voice of young people in our organisation.

National ambassador Lauren from Kent said: "I became a National Ambassador in order to make a change for young people. I would like to ensure there is more support for young care leavers suffering with mental health issues. I am also passionate about nursing and my future career goal is to become a paediatric nurse."

Community ambassadors

Community ambassadors are teams of young people who are working with local youth & community partners to undertake social action in their communities. The programme offers accredited training and volunteering opportunities whilst giving young people a voice at Clarion as the action is led by the young people themselves. 

The program has seen fantastic successes including the young people organising community days where over 90 residents attended; creating youth spaces from disused estate offices; and building valuable relationships in the community, including with elderly residents, MPs and our teams across the country

Make a difference in your community by getting involved in our national and community ambassador programmes. If you have any questions email us at