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Adults and children of abilities outside painting wooden slats

Become a volunteer

See how to get involved in your local community through our range of volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering is a great way to boost your skills, gain valuable work experience and meet new people while supporting your local community.

As a volunteer, you could:  

  • help out at a community centre
  • run social activities for children or older people
  • represent your local community
  • help vulnerable people.  

You don’t need qualifications or experience to become a volunteer, all you need is time and enthusiasm.   

Lend an Ear and help tackle loneliness

By giving just 30 minutes of your time a week for a chat, you could make a difference to the life of an elderly or vulnerable person.

Our Lend an Ear programme uses the power of a phone call to help beat loneliness in our communities. This free service is offered to residents who struggle to get out, so they can enjoy a friendly chat with someone.

If you’re warm, empathetic, and open minded, you could be perfect for the role.

Find out more about Lend an Ear

Volunteering opportunities

Get involved at a community centre

Many of the activities held at our community centres are organised by volunteers or voluntary organisations. If you’d like to get involved, contact us and we can put you in touch with your local centre.

If you have your own idea for a community activity or event, we can help you get it off the ground by providing you with funding, a place to hold it, and other ways.  

Run activities for vulnerable residents

There are many ways you can help support vulnerable people in your community, such as those in recovery, vulnerable refugees, domestic abuse survivors, people living with mental health issues, or older people.

Activities you can help run could include:

  • bingo
  • mindfulness
  • yoga
  • music
  • arts and crafts

To find out more about becoming a volunteer, please email our Clarion Futures Communities team.  

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Meet Barbara, LiveSmart volunteer

Barbara Tagliavini volunteers at one of our LiveSmart schemes for older people.

“Like most people who do voluntary work, I was driven by the idea of giving something back to society, with an added dose of fascination about other people’s lives. 

“When Clarion offered me a volunteering role at one of their sheltered accommodation schemes, I was intrigued.

“At first, I was a little scared. Would I be able to understand their world? Would they like me? I needn’t have worried, as the people who I was to keep company were very welcoming.

“We started off by having pleasant conversations, but as the weeks passed and we got to know each other, everybody’s sense of comfort grew. Those conversations became lively and effortless, with exchanges of gossip, laughter and lots of storytelling.” 

I would 100% recommend becoming an ambassador, not only to empower yourself, but other young people too.


national ambassador

Meet national ambassador, Cain

“I grew up in a single-parent family in Penge. Life wasn’t easy and we struggled financially. I got involved in gangs and as part of a programme to escape this lifestyle we moved to west London for a fresh start.

“I was inspired to not only transform my life, but also other young people’s.

“I set up my music business, which includes Grafterboy a record label offering young people who have also come from disadvantaged backgrounds, an opportunity to break into the industry.

“I thought the national ambassador scheme would be a great opportunity, not only for my personal development, but as a way to combine my aspirations with my passion for music.”

Find out more about Cain's story