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Personal wellbeing

Explore our personal support services, from how we deal with antisocial behaviour to help developing your online and digital skills.

What is antisocial behaviour?

Antisocial behaviour can refer to one-off incidents, but usually refers to problems that continue for a period of time, including:

  • actual or threatened violence or verbal abuse
  • illegal use of premises or other criminal behaviour
  • vandalism or misuse of communal areas
  • neighbourhood nuisance.

Is noise antisocial behaviour?

Complaints about noise are not normally considered antisocial behaviour, unless the noise is excessive and regular. Noise complaints are often best dealt with by local councils, as they can enforce measures.

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“Without digital skills I was feeling left behind. Now I’m able to keep in touch with people, create documents and manage my money.”


Clarion resident

How we can help

See the help and guidance offer on jobs, training and your personal finances.

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Local food pantries

To make sure everyone can put good food on their table, we’ve set up local food pantries across the country where you can get affordable food and household goods.

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For the first time in years I feel safe, stable and excited about finally putting down roots.


Amy’s Place resident

Read Jacqueline's story

Meet Jacqueline – Amy’s Place

Jacqueline is a resident at Amy’s Place, a recovery house for young women aged 18-30 who have struggled with drug and alcohol dependency. Clarion owns and manages Amy’s Place with funding from the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

“I arrived at Amy’s Place eight months ago and it has been an absolute blessing. For the first time in years I feel safe, stable and excited about finally putting down roots.

“I now live in a shared flat and have found a sisterhood that had been lacking in my life. I have created special friendships and a great sense of independence.

“There is always access to help from people with experience in the drug and alcohol fields, who work closely with us around preventing relapse. My keyworker, Alan, also supported me in applying for benefits.”

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