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An affordable home inspiration


Turning an empty property into an affordable home inspiration. 

Moving and setting up home is a costly business, so our ‘affordable home’ project can show how to furnish on a tight budget.

For £500, a two bedroom home in Chichester has been kitted out completely to create ‘No.49 – my affordable home set up’ to inspire residents locally and online.

Local Neighbourhood response officer, Amanda, set up the project to help support residents who may fall prey to unscrupulous lenders.

“I noticed a definite trend in the huge amount residents were paying for new flooring, carpets, and general home décor. What was also evident was that they were finding unscrupulous lenders through social media to pay weekly/monthly on loans - advertising carpets and blinds with ‘no interest’, but in reality the customer paying 5 times the goods value.

"Some were paying £1,000s, with one tenant we know spending £3k on flooring alone… I wanted to show there are affordable ways to set up home, by doing it ourselves in an empty property we hope residents will be inspired.”

No 49 is open to new Clarion residents across the Chichester area to see for themselves what can be done on a tight budget, including tips on how to source cheap items, and furnish for less.

Funded with a grant from Clarion Futures Communities, the majority of the £500 budget was spent on flooring – carpet tiles, vinyl planks and a rug – yet the home is completely furnished, even including kids’ toys and pictures on the walls.

Each room has been furnished with free items, using Freecycle, Facebook marketplace, Gumtree and the Chichester Furniture project.

We have listed a selection of the free items below. From cutlery to chairs, beds to books, all these items can be sourced locally.


  • Fridge, cooker, washing machine and window blind from Facebook Marketplace
  • Kettle, toaster from Gumtree
  • Cutlery, plates, saucepans from Facebook


  • Towels, and mirrors from Gumtree


  • Sideboard, TV and lamps from Facebook Marketplace
  • Sofa, coffee tables, dining set and pictures from Chichester furniture project


  • Wardrobe, bedside tables and toddler bed from Gumtree
  • Double bed, including bedding; and baby clothes from Facebook Marketplace
  • All the toys and books were free from Gumtree, Facebook and Freecycle

Alongside decorating and furniture inspiration, there is information on Clarion Futures support and drop in sessions for our residents on the estate – a weekly warm space coffee morning, and monthly housing surgery.

These affordable home tips can also be used if you’re looking to replace items, not just when you first move in.

Amada's Affordable Furnishing Tips

  • The best time to catch bargains is early on a Saturday and Sunday as this is when most people decide to declutter
  • Wallpaper samples and paint card samples can be made into pictures. 
  • Chairs can be recovered with material such as tablecloth or other fabric
  • Use YouTube for tutorials on how to fit carpet, hang wallpaper and any other DIY jobs BUT remember - never to attempt any work yourself on gas appliances or electrics

Ways Clarion can help you to set up your home on a budget

  • Paint packs – your Housing officer will advise at signup
  • White goods – Clarion Futures money guidance team may be able to help those in hardship
  • Internet access – Clarion Futures digital team can help you get online
  • Referral to Chichester furniture project – for local residents

Please contact us to find out more about the support we provide – if you’re struggling, you are not alone – there are lots of ways we can help.

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