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Resident Liaison Officers - improving your repairs experience


At Clarion, taking care of you, our residents, are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to constantly improving the repairs service we offer youand, in turn, yourexperiences as a valued customer.

We are currently piloting a new role - Resident Liaison Officers (RLO) - who forge a crucial link between you and the teams delivering repairs to your home, as well as with Clarion as a whole. Each month we review around 500 repairs, pinpointing areas where we could improve our performance and strengthen standards. This includes, providing you with assurance, listening to your concerns, and resolving any outstanding issues quickly.

We caught up with Troy, who is a Resident Liaison Officer in South London, to find out more about what the role entails and how he is making a difference to our residents throughout the repairs journey.

What were you doing before taking on the RLO role and what attracted you to it?

I was previously a customer solutions team leader at Clarion, managing a team who coordinated our responses to members, such as MPs, councillors, and mayors.

The RLO role looked really appealing. I had supported staff on a resident engagement day prior to applying, which cemented for me the fact that this would be an exciting, fast-paced role and an opportunity I could get stuck into.

As a newly created role, how did you find the early days when you were new in post and getting to grips with it?

I found transitioning to the role quite smooth, given I already had knowledge and experience of working with our internal processes, procedures, and our complaints process. I'm using the skills I had already acquired, only adapting them in a different way and in person. I also received lots of support from colleagues and could observe the way in which they would approach cases and interact with residents.

What does the average day look like for you?

It's usually quite busy! I manage several cases at any one time, so my main tasks are ensuring each is progressing in the right direction. I also make certain that the customers I'm supporting are being kept updated in good time. Often, we may receive referrals to visit or contact customers with little notice or an urgent enquiry may come in, so I have to be flexible to schedule changes throughout the day.

What do you enjoy the most about the role?

I enjoy the variety of work the role offers and the diverse types of cases and enquiries I'm tasked to manage. Seeing a positive end result for the resident or family I have been supporting is incredibly rewarding.

Often, we're tasked to problem solve and this role allows me to determine how best I can reach the required goal. I enjoy meeting and chatting with residents to see whether there is anything we can help them with, plus keep them updated on Clarion, our services, and the great work that is being delivered.

What is the value of the RLO role to the customer and to the business? What might happen if the role didn't exist?

This role is hugely valuable to our customers and the organisation. Through the cases we have managed and continue to manage as a team, there is space for this role and for the team to grow. The role reflects our Clarion Commitments to our residents and puts them at the heart of what we do.

I also believe the role improves the customer journey for those who require that little extra support and individualised approach. If the role didn't exist, I believe we wouldn't have the same opportunity to give the support and assistance we would like to.