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Our approach to tackling condensation damp and mould


In our continuing efforts to tackle condensation, damp and mould in our properties, we have published key documents relating to the Housing Ombudsman ‘It’s not a lifestyle’ report.

Published in October 2021, the report into sector-wide resident complaints about condensation, damp and mould included findings from a survey, which we promoted to residents on our website.

The report made 26 recommendations for social landlords. In response Clarion carried out a self-assesment review against each of the 26 recommendations made by the Housing Ombudsman.

The review details key action points and status of each within four overarching categories:

  • From reactive to proactive
  • From inferring blame to taking responsibility
  • From disrepair claims to resolution
  • From a complaints to a learning culture

You can read the full review on our dedicated condensation, damp and mould section.

You can also read the summary of Clarion’s response to the Regulator of Social Housing’s letter on damp and mould.

This outlines our approach and improvements we are making to assessing issues and hazards relating to damp and mould in our properties, and how cases are treated.

It also details a number of changes we have made to how we are working to resolve cases reported by residents, or on behalf of them.

Among the measures are continued resident engagement, and our pledge to hire 100 additional staff to help prevent and treat condensation, damp and mould in residents' homes.

Our new Leaks, condensation damp and mould policy has also been developed with input from our residents; and sets out our approach to prevent, diagnose and treat these issues in their homes.

Keeping you, our residents, informed on this issue is a priority for us. We recently shared a video outlining guidance, which supports the leaflet mailed out to all residents at the end of last year.

The publication of these reports are the latest steps in our ongoing action plan to tackle condensation, damp and mould.