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Stop Loan Sharks Week - False Friends


The Centre for Social Justice estimates that around 1.08 million people are borrowing from loan sharks in the UK.

The Illegal Money Lending Team report that an incredible 56% of the people supported by Stop Loan Sharks England in the first half of this year thought they were borrowing from a friend when they took out a loan.

Illegal lenders can be clever, charismatic, manipulative people who are very charming until you cross them. Don’t let these false friends have control over you and your finances.

Talk to Stop Loan Sharks England to start your journey back to financial freedom.

Loan sharks are profiting from the pain of soaring prices. Asking for help can be scary, but Stop Loan Sharks England have got your back this Halloween.

The Contracts and Partnerships Team regularly invite the Illegal Money Lending Team to deliver bitesize training about loan sharks and what to do if you think someone is being affected.

If you would like to attend the online session please email for more information.

You can access more support by contacting the Illegal Money Lending Team