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Wilmer House sports pitch renovation


A survey has uncovered residents' enthusiasm for the renovation of Wilmer House sports pitch.

Clarion Futures, in partnership with the Football Foundation and The London Marathon, as well as Arsenal and England footballer and local resident Lotte Wubben-Moy, are refurbishing the Wilmer House sports pitch and providing a fit-for-purpose space for the local community.

As part of the community-driven initiative, a survey was conducted to gather the opinions and preferences of the residents in the Old Ford area of Bow, Tower Hamlets.

The answers provided will help us make improvements to the design of the pitch area.

The survey was distributed through various channels, including door knocking and social media, aimed to gather valuable insights to guide the renovation.

Over 100 residents participated in sharing their views.

The majority of respondents expressed their support for the refurbishment of the pitch.

Respondents also shared suggestions for creating a more inclusive and accessible environment.

When asked about their preferred sports, residents predominantly expressed a strong inclination toward football, with 59 respondents selecting it as their first choice.Basketball ranked second in popularity.

Clarion Futures is now raising the funds with the support of the Football Foundation and The London Marathon who are excited to progress with this exciting opportunity.