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Clarion Commitments - sharing our latest results


Clarion Commitments – using your feedback to improve our services.

We introduced Clarion Commitments to make you, our residents, aware of the services we offer and the standard you can expect.

Each month, we publish our results to demonstrate our commitment to being open and transparent in our service delivery.

See our December performance report

As we publish these latest results, we spotlight Commitment no. 2: Keeping you informed, with a focus on how we use your feedback to improve our services.

Resident involvement is central to our approach, as you are best placed to tell us about where you live, and the ways we can improve our services. Your feedback helps lead to improvements across all areas of our business.

We recently published our Resident involvement Impact Assessment, which sets out what we have achieved through involving residents during the last year and the valuable outcomes we have seen as a result.

The assessment details the opportunities and outcomes of our work with residents on a local, and national scale. Last year, we received over 90,000 pieces of resident feedback, either online or face-to-face through a wide range of involvement opportunities including projects, surveys, regular groups and initiatives.

One such example is the work we did with residents on leaks, condensation, damp and mould (LCDM), and how we can support residents in this important area.

Your feedback included reviewing our LCDM leaflet, and information pack to make sure they were helpful and clear. 134 residents worked on the development of a new leaks, condensation, damp and mould policy which has been published on our website; along with a simplified version, which you told us would be beneficial. Your feedback continues to play an important role in how we approach this topic; and we are currently looking for residents to join a LCDM resident panel, to work with us and its ongoing management.

Find out more about how your feedback and involvement helps to make a difference, visit our dedicated section. If you’d like to know more about involvement opportunities, please email

We are committed to making a difference. Find out more about the Clarion Commitments.