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Charting improvement: Insights and initiatives from the Customer Committee


Since welcoming our six new members last year, the Customer Committee kicked off their first official meeting in January and have since been working hard to improve our services and strengthen our connection with residents.

The Committee started by looking at various aspects of our operations.

To begin, the group reviewed our operational performance, covering areas such as customer satisfaction levels and the performance of our Contact Centre and repairs services.

Members went on to discuss Clarion’s future priorities, with a focus on improving our handling of complaints.

Members gained insights into our current complaints resolution process, and what is being done to ensure complaints are resolved quicker in the future.

The Committee received an update on changes being made by the Housing Ombudsman and what this will mean for our residents.

We had a valuable discussion about resident vulnerability, covering areas such as age and disability, and how this information can help our teams tailor services to address specific, individual needs.

Finally, staff facilitated a workshop where we explored two fictional scenarios to discuss and gather feedback on Clarion’s role in supporting residents and what good service looks and feels like.

Communication and how we communicate with residents emerged as a key theme. These insights have since been integrated into our ongoing improvement initiatives within our repairs and housing teams.

We’re also working hard to ensure clearer expectations from Clarion and residents are managed.

The next Customer Committee meeting is scheduled for April, please keep an eye on our Customer Committee webpage for follow-up details of the next meeting.