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Customer Committee address repairs, legislation and resident involvement


Since meeting in January, the Customer Committee received the latest update on Clarion's operational performance.

This covered areas such as performance highlights around social rent arrears, customer satisfaction levels, and our continued stable position regarding repairs.

Regrouping in April, the Committee's priorities included preparation for the upcoming changes in legislation and the introduction of Awaab’s law to tackle the problems of leaks, condensation, damp and mould (LCDM) in social housing.

Members were provided with a summary on the new Housing Ombudsman policy that had been introduced in April, noting the aim of the report was to identify key areas of improvement to Clarion’s services.

The Customer Committee received an update of the work on gas safety inspections and how completion levels were at their highest since our merger in 2018. Members were able to discuss and feedback their experiences on the challenges of completing compliance surveys on void properties and those where entry was refused.

There was an in-depth discussion around completing repairs within the timeframe, and whether the contact centre was equipped with the necessary skills and training to respond to customer queries. Members heard how the existing process of procuring equipment and parts worked, to ensure they were selected for long-term results and cost-effectiveness.

Members provided feedback on the challenges of reporting a repair online due to the limited choices available, and the difficulties in finding the correct section relating to a specific and unique type of repair.

The committee was provided with an overview of the approach by the Resident Involvement team to improve services and the ways they actively involve residents through formal engagement opportunities, and encouraged member feedback on how they might tackle and improve this.

A brief overview of the support Clarion Futures provides to residents since the merger in response to the ‘cost of living’ crisis was shared. Members were keen to understand more on how services in local centres were communicated to residents and how residents were able to self-refer for services available.

The next Customer Committee meeting is scheduled for July. Please keep an eye on this page for follow-up details of the next meeting.