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Responsibilities for repairs

Find out who is responsible for maintaining different parts of your home and communal areas.

As a social housing landlord, we’re responsible for keeping your home safe, secure and in good condition. However, you’re also responsible for looking after some things – and it’s important to know what you should take care of and what you should ask us to repair.

Below are some examples of who’s responsible for what, but you should always check your tenancy agreement to find the rights and responsibilities specific to your home. If you’d like a new copy of your tenancy agreement, please contact us.

Household items from a previous tenant

If you have been given items from a previous tenant, then they are your responsibility to maintain and fix. This includes things like fridges, washing machines, and lamps.

Defects in a new-build home

We’re also responsible for repairing any defects or “snags” if you're a social housing tenant living in a new-build home: eg doors that stick or don’t close properly.

Not a social housing tenant?

Find out about responsibility for repairs if you’re a private tenant, leaseholder or shared owner.

Bathrooms, kitchens and plumbing

Inside your home 

Outside your home

Communal areas