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Common issues with boilers

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipeUnusually cold weather can play havoc with boilers. When temperatures drop below freezing, a burst or frozen waste pipe could be the problem with modern condensing boilers. Condensing boilers produce waste condensation, which is removed via a plastic pipe outside your home. When the temperature drops, this pipe can freeze.

When water freezes it expands, putting pressure on the pipes. Eventually this could create a blockage, or even cause your pipes to split, preventing your boiler from working.

Although boilers are supposed to show an error message that helps you track this down, sometimes it’s not that simple. So, if temperatures have been below freezing for some time, keep an eye out for these warning signs:

  • The boiler makes gurgling sounds when it’s switched on. Or,
  • It won’t switch on.
  • Your taps aren’t producing much water.
  • Toilet cistern is slow to refill.

According to British Gas, if you believe you have frozen pipes - and you have safe access to the pipe - there are a few things you can try to thaw it out before switching it on again.

  • Hold a hot water bottle over the frozen pipe.
  • Pour hot, not boiling, water over the frozen part of the pipe.

Watch British Gas's video showing how to thaw a frozen pipe safely.

If you think you have a burst pipe, first turn off the water supply via your stopcock (this is usually found underneath your kitchen sink or in a cupboard), then contact our gas repairs team to report the leak.

Remember; turn off any electrical plugs or appliances that may have been affected by the water, and don’t try to use them again until they are thoroughly dry and have been checked by an electrician.

Radiators not heating up

The key reason for radiators not heating up is air getting trapped in the system preventing the hot water from flowing through the pipes.

You might find that the radiator heats up at the bottom, but remains cool at the top, or it might fail to heat up at all.

While air getting trapped could happen for a number of reasons, it is easily fixed by bleeding the radiator. Watch our guide on how to do this safely.

If your radiator still doesn’t heat up, and you’ve checked that the thermostat is turned up and not on a timer, then contact our gas repairs team.

Gas Repairs

Heating, boiler and gas repairs

If your gas, oil or solid fuel heating system or gas appliance needs a repair, get in touch with our specialised local contractors.


Annual gas and heating safety check

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