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Repairs: Heating and gas appliances

We work with specialised local contractors for all repairs and safety checks to your gas, oil or solid fuel (such as wood or coal) heating systems and gas appliances.

Who's responsible for my heating and gas repairs?

  • Our responsibility
  • Your responsibility

Our responsibility

We are responsible for repairs and annual safety checks to your gas, oil or solid fuel heating system. This may include repairs to your boiler, meter and any pipework within your home.

Clarion Housing is also responsible for maintaining any appliances that we own, such as gas cookers and fires. Please note that we are not responsible for any appliances left by the previous tenant.

Your responsibility

You are responsibility for maintaining gas appliances that have been either purchased and installed by you or left by a previous tenant. However, these appliances will be included in your annual safety checks.

Remember, if you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide poisoning call the National Grid free on 0800 111 999.

Request a repair or safety check with your local team

Where are you?

Please tell us your postcode so we can provide you with the right contact details to enquire gas servicing repairs in your area.

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Annual gas and heating safety check

Clarion Housing are legally obligated to service heating systems and gas appliances every year.


Repairs: General

You can quickly request a repair online using our easy repairs diagnosis tool or you can call us.