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Gas contractor

Smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide?

If you smell gas then call National Grid free on 0800 111 999

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Please input your postcode so we can give you the contact details for your gas contractor. This is for requesting repairs to gas boilers only. 

Gas servicing information

If your home has a gas, oil or solid fuel heating system then Clarion Housing is legally obligated to service this system every year.

This includes appliances such as your meter, boiler, cooker and fire, plus any gas pipework that may be present in your home. Carrying out this annual gas safety check means we can make sure that firstly, your gas is safe for you to use. Every year in the UK, thirty people die due to carbon monoxide poisoning from an unsafe gas appliance. Secondly that everything is working efficiently and correctly, so that you aren’t paying too much in your bills and you are less likely to have a boiler breakdown. After our engineers have completed the check you will receive a certificate called a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record which confirms the results of the check. Clarion Housing is also given a copy of this certificate and we store it as part of our property records.

You will get a first letter telling you that your service is due soon up to nine weeks before the actual due date. Our contractor will also then send you a letter with a suggested appointment date which will be no later than 6 weeks prior to the due date. The reason we try to complete the checks so early is because as mentioned previously, this is a legal requirement. There are serious consequences for both Clarion Housing as an organisation and you as an individual if the check becomes overdue. Therefore we try to give everyone plenty of time to organise the work to be done, just in case there are unforeseen delays.

Once you receive your appointment date from the contractor, please make a note of this date and make sure you are at home.

You can help us to service your heating appliances successfully by following these steps:

  • Please be at home on the agreed appointment date and let the engineer enter your home checking they have the appropriate ID card.
  • Please make sure all appliances are clear and accessible (e.g. remove items from your airing cupboard if the boiler is in there).
  • If you have a prepayment meter, please make sure you have credit when we call round to complete the service.
  • If you own your cooker, then the engineer will carry out some checks to ensure it is working safely.
  • If the engineer has any safety concerns with the gas appliances/fittings within your home it is likely he or she will turn off the gas supply them. This is for your own safety, so please allow them to do this. 

If we cannot access your property to complete the safety check, we will initiate a legal process to gain access.

Last year, we took out several injunction orders against residents who failed to allow access. The courts issue these orders and failure to carry out the actions within the order is contempt of court and could result in a prison sentence. Once we’ve made an application to the court, we will always ask for the costs of the application to be paid by the resident.