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Managing minor repairs

Person testing smoke alarm

As we are only able to deliver critical repairs during this time, we have provided some advice and guidance to ensure your safety and prevent accidents in the home.

If you do have a critical repair, please contact us.

Prevent blockages

Please don’t flush anything down the toilet other than toilet tissue.  Wipes, even those that state flushable, and other products cause blockages in toilets, downpipes and drains.

Please be careful with what you put down your sinks. This causes drains to become blocked.

If your sink is blocked, you should be able to clear this with a plunger or an unblocking chemical, generally available from the supermarket.

If you have a water outlet, such as an outside tap or shower that you don’t run regularly, try to run it for two minutes at least once a week.  This will prevent any stagnant water sitting in the pipework or tank.

Heating and electrical devices

If your heating system loses pressure and you have a filling loop, you can top it up yourself rather than calling out an engineer. You can get further guidance on the Swale Advice page.

With more people at home and wanting to charge up devices, please be careful not to overload circuits and extension leads.

Please remember to test your smoke alarm.

Please remember to test your Carbon Monoxide alarm if you have one.

If your communal TV aerial isn’t working, try retuning your TV. Check cables are connected properly and to the correct socket. There have been a lot of changes to the signal frequencies being transmitted around the country (for Freeview) so a simple retune could help resolve connection issues.

If you are an NHS worker, Vaillant are also offering free emergency repairs. For more information, visit the Vaillant website.

Auto gates

If your remote controller isn’t working, try changing the battery.

Auto openers

Always allow the mechanism to open and close fully, never force or pull doors as this can stop the door from working.

Door entry

If your handset isn’t working make sure it isn’t on privacy mode.

In most blocks, the trade button is usually set between 7am and 3pm.

If your fob isn’t working, check with other members of your household if their fobs are also not working, or observe if your neighbours are having issues with their fobs. It is helpful to identify if it’s a single fob that is the issue or a wider issue for the system, which means we can direct your call more effectively.


If you have no water, try to establish if this is a block issue before you give us a call as it helps us to direct the call more effectively.

White goods

If your appliance isn’t working, check it is switched on and if there is an error code. If you are reporting a repair, please ensure you have details of the make/model of the appliance.  This can help the operatives achieve a first time fix.

Communal laundry

Please check if the appliance is a JLA machine? This can help us make sure that the correct contractor is sent.

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