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Procurement process underway for planned investment services


The process to procure services that will deliver Planned Investment work to Clarion homes in the South and South London regions from 1 April 2023 has begun.

Our Planned Investment service is responsible for delivering a programme of works, including component work (such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, and roofs), major project works and cyclical decorations. To ensure continuity of supply and resident satisfaction, we need to compliantly re-procure these services and appoint a contractor to this region on a 20 year contract in line with the expiry date of the current contract of April 2023.

The planned investment works are to be provided to Clarion owned and managed properties across the South and in South London. This includes homes within local authority areas such as Merton, Maidstone, Mole Valley and Tonbridge and Malling. These properties are a mix of general needs, supported housing and leaseholder/shared ownership properties.

This contract is extremely important for us; it is key in keeping you safe, and ensuring your homes are comfortable and fit for purpose. We know how vital it is that we provide an excellent, customer focused service, so there will be a strong focus on customer service throughout the selection process.

The 20 year approach

The decision to appoint a contractor on a 20 year contract is based on market research, which proves that long term relationships provide value for money and enables continuity of delivery. This ensures that we can deliver programmes of work for our residents and limits the impact of changing market conditions.

Find out more about how we deliver planned investment work.