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Clarion Commitments - sharing our latest results


Clarion Commitments – keeping your home well maintained 

We introduced Clarion Commitments to highlight the services we offer and the standard you can expect.

See our January performance report

As we publish our latest results we spotlight Commitment No.3: We will keep your home well maintained.

As your landlord, we want your home to be well maintained for your comfort and safety. This means carrying out repairs promptly and effectively, along with delivering larger-scale improvement works.

If you need a repair, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible, as the sooner you report it, the easier we can fix it.

 Report a repair

How we keep homes well maintained:

  • Repairs – delivered by our in-house team, Clarion Response
  • Safety checks – property compliance programme
  • Investment – regular stock condition surveys and large-scale works
  • Advice and guidance – information on issues and support 


Our in-house team, Clarion Response, delivers repairs to 100,000 of our homes, providing a 24/7 service to our residents.

We carry out more than 1,300 responsive repairs every day. 85% of these are routine repairs, 15% are emergency repairs.

Many different types of repairs are undertaken, including:

  • Plumbing repairs: toilets, taps, baths/showers.
  • Electrical repairs: lighting, sockets.
  • Carpentry: kitchen cupboards, floors, doors.
  • External repairs: paving, walls, roofs and gutters.

Our repairs commitment:

Our priority is to complete repairs effectively and efficiently, ideally at the first visit, to minimise the inconvenience to you, and ensure we provide a high standard of service.

From time to time, more complex repairs may require more than one visit, especially if we need a specialist part, but we aim to minimise any delays.

We are committed to making a difference. Find out more about the Clarion Commitments.