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Leaseholder repairs

You’re responsible for maintaining and repairing the inside of your property (including fixtures, fittings and any goods you bring into your home) as well as looking after your garden. This means you have to look after things like: 

  • interior decoration
  • central heating, boilers and radiators
  • kitchen appliances, eg fridges and freezers
  • internal doors, door handles and locks 
  • plumbing and blockages.  

We’re responsible for communal areas and the structure of your property. We’ll look after: 

  • communal plumbing, heating, electrics and fire safety 
  • communal areas, like entrances or lifts
  • roofs, gutters and drains
  • keeping your home or building secure and weatherproof.    

Your lease and contract detail your specific repair rights and responsibilities. 

Defects in a new home 

New-build properties sometimes have minor defects – small faults or “snags” that need fixing after you move in – such as doors that stick or don’t close properly. If these occur within an initial defects period we’re responsible for repairing them.