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Cost of Living

Find out how Clarion can help with your money, career, and wellbeing.

You are not alone

The cost of living is on everyone's mind. From your career to your wellbeing, it can affect everything so we want to make sure you don't feel alone in any of these challenges. We're committed to helping you wherever we can. 

One way we do this is through Clarion Futures, our charitable foundation that provides a range of services which can help you with things like:

  • money and household bills
  • jobs, apprenticeships, and training
  • digital skills
  • mental health and wellbeing.

To apply for help from Clarion Futures, please complete the Clarion Futures Referral Form.

Clarion Futures referral form

Money help and support

Benefits calculator

It's important to find out what benefits you can claim, and you can do this with our simple, online benefits calculator. You'll also be able to find out how much better off you'll be in work.

Use our benefits calculator

Budget planner

A great way to make the most out of your money is to be clear about how you’re spending, and where you could make savings. You can find a useful budget planner on the Money Helper website.

Use the budget planner

Help for households

For help with a variety of everyday costs, you can visit the Help for Households website. This is a website set up on where you can find out about the available support for things like:

  • childcare costs
  • energy bills
  • income support
  • transport costs.

The Money Guidance team

Our Money Guidance team offers practical and confidential money help for all Clarion customers. To book an appointment, please use the Clarion Futures referral form.

You can also visit our Money Guidance page for more information on help with money, bills, and benefits.

Money Guidance

'You Are Not Alone' guide

We created the You Are Not Alone guide to provide help and guidance on managing money.

Download the 'You Are Not Alone guide'

If you’re having trouble paying your rent, please visit our webpage below.

Contact us about trouble paying rent

Jobs and training

Upskilling and training can make a huge, positive difference to your job opportunities. Clarion Futures can help you develop skills to support and boost your career, such as:

  • grants for new business ventures
  • finding local jobs, training, and apprenticeships
  • improving your CV.

Job and training support

Digital skills and support

The digital world is a big part of modern life and is useful for everything from budget planning to job hunting.

The Clarion Futures digital team can provide digital equipment and broadband, as well as support for you to make the most of the internet and stay safe online.

Digital skills and support

Mental health and wellbeing

Money and job worries can lead to poor mental health, and this affects how we think, feel, and act. Mental health is just as important to our physical health. You don't have to take care of it by yourself though, we're here to help.

Togetherall is an online community where you can get support with common wellbeing difficulties. This could be low mood and stress. It's completely anonymous and available 24 hours a day.

Me in Mind is the wellbeing program from Clarion Futures. It offers help, guidance, and free access to Togetherall.

If you’re feeling lonely, or miss the joy of regular conversation, you could benefit from the Lend an Ear service.

Find out more about how we can help with mental health and wellbeing during challenging times.

Mental health and wellbeing support

Your wellbeing is important

Take a look at the different ways we can help support you and your wellbeing.

Get in touch

To apply for help and assistance from Clarion Futures for any of these areas, please complete the Clarion Futures Referral Form.

Clarion Futures referral form