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Tips to tackle hoarding for National Hoarding Awareness Week


Life can be unpredictable, challenging and at times feel overwhelming, which may result in us shifting the daily task of looking after our homes, tidying and cleaning, down the list of priorities.

With it easy for our home to accumulate too many items and slip into becoming untidy and cluttered, in support of this year’s National Hoarding Awareness Week (15 - 19 May) we have created a video with some handy tips to help you get back on track and enjoy living in your home.

Developed in partnership with Hoarding Disorders UK, the video guides you through how to get started and shares how tackling small rooms, such as the bathroom, can be the best place to begin.

It also recommends imagining a vision for how you want your home to work for you and setting yourself realistic goals so you can achieve that vision, including breaking areas into bite-size chunks or setting yourself regular time limits, which can help make the task more manageable.

The video was borne out of a survey completed by 194 Clarion residents on the support available for hoarding, with 63 people reporting that they have experienced problems with hoarding and 75% saying a video would be helpful.

Our residents also played a pivotal role in the creation of the video by taking part in a series of online focus groups, where the scripts, storyboards and style frame were shared, discussed and reviewed, with feedback incorporated in the production.

How we can support you

We understand the negative impact hoarding can have on people’s lives and communities, and we are committed to helping those who are struggling to manage.

Through our dedicated Tenancy Sustainment services, we work with you to create a safe and healthy living environment, providing practical assistance and emotional support. We will always be understanding and will not make any assumptions or judgements.

Our support includes: 

  • A friendly named sustainment officer who can offer telephone and face to face appointments and will work with you to assess and explore solutions tailored to your needs. They will help you set clear, realistic and achievable goals and support you to make your own decisions.
  • Signposting you to groups, charities or support services, local and online, that may be able to offer support. We can also assist in making referrals where needed.

Please don’t wait until you are in a crisis to get in touch. Simply complete our online form for support from our expert team.


Mental health and wellbeing support when you need it

At Clarion, we also have a range of services that can support you with your personal wellbeing and common mental health difficulties, such as low mood or stress, at any point in your life. Take a look at what we offer or please submit a contact form and one of our Clarion Futures support team will be in touch.