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Welcome to Clarion

Information on setting up your Clarion online account, resident involvement and more.

We're glad to have you as our tenant

We’ve prepared information to welcome you to Clarion and advice on the first weeks of your tenancy with us.

During the first weeks:

  • we’ll call you within a week of your sign up, to check you have everything you need
  • we’ll email you with information on our services
  • we’ll carry out a detailed welcome call or visit in the first 6 weeks. This is a chance to cover any additional questions, and learn more about our services
  • set up your online account for access to online payments, balance and account information, and to be able to log repairs online
  • set up your online account for online payments, balance and account information, and to log any repairs
  • we will invite you to take part in a survey so you can share your feedback on the moving in process

Please refer to your Welcome Pack for information on what you need to settle in and manage your tenancy.

We hope you settle in well to your Clarion home. Please remember responsibility as a tenant includes:

  • paying your rent and service charges on time, and let us know if there are any issues with payments
  • looking after your home and any garden; and report repairs, or issues with condensation, damp and mould to us, as soon as possible
  • being a good neighbour

Your online account

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend you sign up for our online account.

Signing up for an online account will allow you to:

  • access your account anywhere, any time
  • make fast, secure online payments
  • view your statements and charges
  • update your personal information
  • request repairs
  • contact us quickly and easily

To register or sign in to your Clarion account, please visit our Online account guide page

Being a good neighbour

Getting to know your new neighbours helps you settle into the community.

Being a good neighbour means thinking of others, which helps prevent disagreements. There are lots of ways to be a good neighbour, including

  • only play music/audio at a reasonable level
  • letting your neighbours know if you’re having an occasional party
  • park in your allocated space and don’t obstruct or block other driveways
  • remember you are responsible for the conduct of your household and any visitors
  • keep pets under control and clear up after your dog in your garden/communal areas
  • treat everyone with respect
  • be mindful of noise
  • if you have an issue with a neighbour, try and discuss this with them first to resolve it quickly
  • report crime and anti-social behavior when you see it
  • if you have any welfare concerns about your neighbours, report these to us in confidence.

Resident involvement

As a resident, you are the best person to tell us about where you live, and the services we provide.

By getting involved you can share your views both online and in person, and help improve our services to all residents.

1,093 residents are already involved. These residents are sharing their views, supporting their community and helping to shape and improve our services.

Why not join them and help make a difference? 

Find out more about Resident Involvement