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Eastfields regeneration underway


Clarion Housing is preparing to start work on the first new homes at the Eastfields regeneration.

In this phase the housing provider will build 32 new homes, which include a mix of flats and houses, all for existing Clarion tenants and resident homeowners.

Clarion has served residents with a formal legal notice called an Initial Demolition Notice. This sets out in detail the purpose of the notice and how it will affect residents.

As the regeneration gets underway, some residents will be moving out of their homes. This will allow Clarion to start demolishing those properties and build the new homes.

Issuing the notice does not mean that demolition will start immediately. It is the first part of a process, and its purpose is to suspend the right to buy or right to acquire, where this exists.

Eastfields is part of the £1bn Merton Regeneration Project, which will provide 2,800 new homes across three neighbourhoods in the borough.