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Subletting is when you let all or part of your home to someone else.

If you are a tenant or shared owner, subletting your entire home is illegal and a criminal offence. This includes temporary subletting such as Airbnb.

Depending on the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement you may be allowed to sublet a room or rooms in your home but you must get Clarion Housing written permission first and you must remain living in the property. 

Unlawful subletting is a serious matter because you can be prosecuted under criminal law and lose your home as we will take legal action to repossess the property and evict you. Clarion Housing may also ask the court for  an unlawful profit order which will require you to pay Clarion Housing, the landlord, for any profit you made from the subletting.

We have a dedicated team which investigates all tenancy fraud referrals for illegal occupation, subletting or where a tenancy has been obtained by the applicant providing false information about their circumstances.

If you would like to confidentially report illegal subletting please contact us.